Monday, 13 April 2015

A Thousand Pieces of You - Claudia Gray (Book Review)


          I loved this book! When I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. It took me to different places and dimensions, it was like time travel. I loved Marguerite and Paul and Theo.

          It was a journey of place, time, dimension, art, mystery, culture and romance. Yes it is a love story-scifi-related book that talks about a girl named Marguerite who's parents are scientists who invented this thing called Firebird that allows it's users to travel into different dimensions. Then, her father was murdered and one of their assistant, Paul, who is the handsome guy, escapes into other dimensions. As Marguerite follows him for revenge, she'll discover something that will turn her world around. That I wouldn't tell you, you have tor read the book. :) .

          Stunning, beautiful, unique, amazing story. That's what I describe it. I was satisfied after reading the story. It's a thing that I haven't read or watched before. I didn't cry because I'm not much of a sad book liker, but something in this story that made me liked this book. I can say that this is my favorite book so far. (Aside from it's very cute, cool and beautiful cover).

          Even though the story is fictional, it felt real, it was like I was there too. A few books could do that to me. So this book is one hell of a good one. While reading, I was able to guess different things. I had a lot of guesses and one of it was in the story.

         So yeah, the book was nice. I loved it! I might be reading other Claudia Gray books, she's such a very good writer.

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